Running Brewing / Trophy Brewing – Beer Miler Pale Ale

Beer Miler Pale Ale squareThe Beer Mile is an event where a runner drinks a 12 ounce beer, runs 1/4 mile around the track, and repeats three more times; and the beer has to be over 5% in alcohol content. Finding the right beer for a beer mile is a tough choice, but the “Beer Miler Pale Ale” would be a great choice to compete with, or just to enjoy after a hard run.

Brewed in conjunction with Brewgaloo, the biggest beer festival in the state of North Carolina, the “Beer Miler Pale Ale” was brewed as a collaboration with Trophy Brewing Co. on March 24, 2016.

Josh and Rob from Trophy led the way in creating a single Citra hop Pale ale that will be quite refreshing for an 80+ degree day on Fayetteville Street!


Photos from the Brew Day