Running Brewing – Prefon Saison

Prefon Saision drawingThe Prefon Saison started as a simple idea; single malt, single hop, plus peaches. The peach addition was of course in reference to the famed diet that Steve Prefontaine would go on when he needed to cut weight. Legend goes that he would eat nothing but canned peaches for up to a few weeks at a time to get down to where he felt he was ready to roll.

With that in mind, the recipe for the Prefon Saison is quite simple. The malt base is made of Riverbend 2-row Pale Malt. After sparging and starting the boil, we added Jarrylo hops. If you are unfamiliar with this hop, it’s a spicy one that has notes of banana, pear, and orange; perfect for the peach addition. At the end of the boil, we added a pound of brown sugar. After completing the boil, cooling, and then transferring to the carboy, we used White Labs yeast to begin eating those sugars.

For version one, we used WLP 566. For version two, we went with WLP 565. There were very subtle differences between the two. After the initial fermentation, we transferred to the secondary and aged on thawed, frozen peaches. The result is an easy drinking, 4% ABV beer that is great after a run, or if you need to cut some weight after too many IPAs.

Photos from the Brew